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Utterly Butterly Marketing Strategy of Amul

Ever heard this tagline “ Utterly Butterly Delicious”, sure you have!

Over the past years, the taste of India, Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL), became the most beloved brand of India. Every Indian has grown up hearing the jingles of its many dairy products, and the Amul girl, the cheerful blue-haired brand mascot in a red polka-dotted dress has wowed to give amusing one-liners on billboards and print ads. Amul has made a lot of progress since its founding in 1946.


In 1942, a union was formed in Kaira District, which started pasteurising milk produced by farmers and sold it to Bombay Milk Scheme. When this trade grew, they set up a plant and Dr Verghese Kurien, rightly called as the Milkman of India, helped spur the White Revolution, the largest dairy development strategy in the world. Dr Kurien wanted to provide small-scale farmers, quality-control factories and a marketing hub, which weren’t there in those days. Thus, in 1973, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) was founded, which helped in the marketing of dairy products. Amul comes under GCMMF.

The DaChunha ad agency of Bombay was handed the contract of the brand’s ad campaign. Back then, TV advertising and print media were very expensive, so the agency marketed Amul on outdoor hoardings.

The Amul girl and the catchphrase “Utterly Butterly” which was then converted to “Utterly Butterly Delicious” were brought to life in the same year. At the start, the word “butterly” faced a lot of criticism, because it was ungrammatical, but it fits well for the rhyme and soon became the catchphrase in Indian advertising.

A lot of credits go to the right marketing mix of Amul that has helped the brand build its presence in over 60 countries.

Let us dive deep into the marketing mix of Amul and understand the important factors that contribute to planning a brand that stands out from its competition.


As of this year, there are many marketing strategies like product innovation, marketing investment, etc which has helped the brand flourish, but in this newsletter, we cover the marketing mix of Amul and will explain the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) of marketing.


Amul is one of the leading dairy brands and has a diverse product portfolio.

Amul invests quite heavily in research and development and brings up new products to suit different customer segments. Mother Dairy, Chitale, Gowardhan, Kwality Wall, Hershey and Britannia are companies that have similar offerings like that of Amul but the vast variety of products that Amul offers gives it a sustainable competitive advantage over its peers.