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The Story of your Carbon Footprint

Hi There! This week we are planning to do something different. We would love to highlight the story of one particular company that caught our interest. We believe it is a company that our daily readers should know about and engage with as it would be of much help to society.

Wren is a website application that enables you to offset your carbon footprint. Anytime you travel by car, use electricity, switch on the AC in this torrid heat, you inadvertently release carbon dioxide and other gases into the air as a by-product. Wren aims to tackle that challenge by creating a business wherein you pay them a subscription fee to offset the carbon dioxide that you emit into the air. The subscription fee that you pay to Wren enables them to create a Wren Climate Fund. That fund then makes investments into environmental projects across the globe!

How Wren Works!

  1. When you visit their website, they direct you to a link where you can calculate the quantity of emissions you produce based on the country that you live in and your current lifestyle. Link:

  2. Once you calculate the amount of Carbon dioxide you produce, Wren then displays subscription plans that you can choose from to reduce your carbon footprint, negate it completely, or create a net positive impact by investing to remove twice the CO2 from the atmosphere as you are currently producing.

  3. Once you decide on a subscription plan, you can see where your money is being invested and the impact your subscription is having on saving the planet. Quite a sustainable business model, we must say! If you are conscious about your carbon footprints and want to save the environment, consider Wren!

  4. Some interesting projects that are a part of Wren's investment portfolio include:

    1. Clean Cooking Fuel for refugees

    2. Tech-enabled rainforest protection

    3. Regenerative agroforestry

    4. Community Tree planting

The reason we bought this business to your attention is to address the issue of Climate change. In the race to become the next superpower or to become a global influence, we as citizens must not forget that our actions must be aligned with keeping the planet green and healthy for our future generations. It is heartening to see some of the top companies in our country pledge to go Carbon Neutral.

Top conglomerates such as Tatas, Reliance, Mahindra, ITC and many others joined hands with the government and pledged to traverse down the path of lower greenhouse gas emissions. They have decided to align themselves with the Indian Government's commitment under the Paris Agreement. They have identified nine key areas that they need to leverage to bring down carbon emissions. The key areas are: promotion of renewable energy, enhanced energy efficiency, water-efficient processes, green mobility, planned afforestation and waste management and recycling. Other major companies that have signed the declaration include Sun Pharma, Ambuja Cements, Nippon Steel and Essar Oil & Gas Exploration and Production!

Let us pledge to support the cause of climate change. Concerted efforts to undo years of relentless exploitation is the need of the hour to ensure we leave a wonderful and green world for generations to come.




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