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Small Business Innovation During the Pandemic

“The value of an idea lies in using it.” The pandemic pushed the never expected before brakes, bringing the entire nation to a halt on a single day. This was something which had not been stated in Indian history before. But did the world really stop? If it didn’t, then what kept the wheels rolling? This is where the new creative ideas enter.

We observed a surge in various small businesses last year. A few of which were less popular in past and others were completely unheard of. These business ideas came out rather successfully in these testing times. These businesses even helped the bigger business to function smoothly.

What exactly are small businesses?

They define small business as a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship with fewer employees. It has lesser revenue than a corporation or regular-sized business. These businesses are often hobby and interest oriented. A specific goal and interest that drives them in mind. Often used to display one’s talent or interest, these businesses also help in making a good fortune.

Some of the thriving small business of India that bloomed during the pandemic:

  • The Cleaning Services

  • The Delivery Services

  • The Online Gift Store

  • Ed tech

  • Cyber Security Consultant

  • E-commerce

  • Online reseller

  • Freelance copywriter

  • Remote Fitness

The cleaning or the disinfectant business had existed before the pandemic. The service came into action mostly during extreme times. But now that each moment has turned into an extreme, this service became a lifesaver. With buildings and places being routinely disinfected to curb the spread of virus; various cleaning companies saw an usurp in hike.

The delivery service is nothing sort of new to our knowledge. What made this service so crucial now than from before? At a time when people are confined inside with absolutely no contact with the outside world; the delivery guys made it possible for things to move from one place to another. From delivering groceries to deliver medicines; at present the delivery service has come at the service of immunocompromised people who are infected from COVID-19 or are still recovering.

The pandemic has strongly boosted all the e-commerce platforms. With the physical stores being shut or encouraging lesser customers every day, people have retorted to the online sale of goods. The e-commerce platform provides a plethora of benefits that it has become part of a lifestyle now. To describe a few, these platform work on customer generated reviews and they provide full hand virtual queries. You can examine a product just by simply laying down on your bed. If you are wondering what happens, if there are no reviews or the product isn’t par with your expectations, worry no more, you can simply return it with easy return policies. The delivery service has made secure no contact delivery their prime priority. With all such services, who can resist shopping online!