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Finbits Foundation envisions an India where every child has the opportunity to learn new things about money, which will not only help them in the future but also help them make effective financial decisions.

Vijay Chandok, MD & CEO

ICICI Securities

“The biggest challenge we have in our business and in this industry is financial literacy. We have educated people but not financially-literate people and there is a difference between the two. Even the most highly educated people don’t understand money.”

Varun Sridhar, CEO

PayTM Money

“India produces the best brains in the world like a factory, but what we don't teach them is financial education. The void in the financial education system leads to people jumping into the (investing) ocean without learning to (how & where to invest) swim.”

Kunal Shah, Founder


“The concept of compound interest, money, and credit cards for that matter are very alien to most people because of our education system; we were never told about financial literacy and were never trained about money. We are good at math but terrible at money.”

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